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What possibilities does ONYX offer for a creative eye? The use of textures and broken lines, combined with the special properties of marble, creates a truly exclusive experience.


Yes, dear visitor, there is no need for explanations here, no need to waste time on characters to find inspiration…

Of course, such a unique look cannot be created from off-the-shelf items, it takes more than a creative eye, the right quality materials and a professional who is not afraid to go the extra mile. The result is a living space that is premium in every way.

A few thoughts on ONYX paving

ONYX is the most exclusive type of stone paving, considered to be a semi-precious stone. Its crystalline structure allows the surface to be translucent and is therefore a popular choice for premium interior design.

Unique: Want your space to stand out day and night? “Light up” your ONYX stone paving to give it a completely different look at night.

Timeless: The Onyx choice combines the timelessness of natural stone with its superior physical characteristics.

Elegant: it can be combined with most materials and styles, highlighting their characteristics.

The use of Onyx in interior design and architecture produces very impressive and personal results, a look that leaves no one indifferent. It is the material of choice for natural stone lighting elements.

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