Countertop design

We present the quality and beauty inherent in natural stone.


The design of the counter made of natural stone - whether in the kitchen or bathroom - becomes the jewel of your apartment.

Kitchen counters and kitchen islands

The internet offers countless possibilities, regardless of material and design. The real question is, what are the designs? Because if you’re looking for a lifetime solution that is scratch-resistant, hard-wearing, heat-resistant, hygienic and, last but not least, in keeping with the ambience of your interior, then you’re looking for a much more specific range.

Natural stone countertop designs

There are a variety of artificial and natural stone options to choose from. Ceramic countertop, a relatively new technology, fired at 1200 oC, combines naturalness and high technology, available in a variety of natural patterns. With quartz countertop design, the similarity in feel and look to natural stone is deceptive, and of course there is a reason for this, as depending on the manufacturer, it is made from natural materials, usually ground quartz and granite. Our service does not apply to the above product. We only sell products made from natural stone, be it granite, limestone or marble. All of our slab products are available to make these natural stone countertops the jewels of your home.

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Our excellent fleet of machines and our specialists carry out a precise design based on any plan (tailoring pattern). During the execution, you only have to put it in place, depending on the design, you can only connect the techniques and start using them.

Of course, we can also provide you with a personal survey, we can also provide you with a construction offer, and in addition to home delivery, we can also help with installation.

With the natural stone counter design, a material that carries millions of years of history moves into the room. Treat yourself to the power of natural stone and enjoy the quality behind its appearance. Whichever product you choose, with a stunningly unique look and many positive features, you will have a first-class experience every day.

Our distributed stones


Let’s see what the much-heard term “travertine” means, which you must have come across when looking at sandstone or stone slabs for your planned home renovation.


Marble radiates strength and elegance, it is a natural stone which, despite its resistance, is easy to shape, carve and use in a variety of ways.


Its high strength, its variety of colours, its durability and the fact that it is quarried in large blocks make it suitable for a wide range of architectural uses: as paving stones, kerbstones, plinths or facades, but also as crushed stone for roads and railways.