Stair design

We present the quality and beauty inherent in natural stone.


Stairs made of natural stone - whether external or internal - create strength and authority.

Entrances and staircases

Choosing a natural stone staircase will add value and beauty to your home. As part of our service, our team will custom design your staircase to complement the unique look with a special, tactile pattern.

Natural stone stair treads

Proper grip and stability of outdoor stairs is essential, as stairs that are too slippery or unstable can lead to physical injury. This is why limestone stair treads are the most popular material for outdoor use. Limestone treads provide a sturdy structure. A special unique pattern and non-slip properties are provided by the pores on the surface of the flooring.

Complete the look of your patio or outdoor living space with a complete collection of natural stone steps and stair treads. From limestone to granite, we have the perfect stone to complement the existing décor or new design of your space.

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If you’re thinking of renovating your home and have any questions about the work above, feel free to contact us for a free quote or to get in touch with us.


Our excellent fleet of machines and our technicians can make a precise design based on any plan (pattern), and all you have to do is put it in place, connect the techniques depending on the design, and you’re ready to use.

Of course, we can also provide a personal survey, a quotation for the construction, and even help you with the installation, in addition to the delivery to your home.

Each staircase is a style made in our land! Natural stone design brings a material into your property that carries millions of years of history. Gift yourself with the power of natural stone and enjoy the quality behind the look. Whichever product you choose, you’ll be enriched with a stunningly unique look, alongside a host of positive features for a first-class experience every day.

Our distributed stones

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