Design of a cracked surface

We showcase the quality and beauty of a natural surface.


A traditional splitting, ripping process whereby the varied edge and block size create an artistic appearance.


A surface process on natural stone. Its appearance is very similar to the wedge process using the natural cutting technique, but creates more relief and prominence. In the past this surface was used in rustic designs. However, nowadays it is often the protagonist of the most avant-garde spaces.

The cleft surface is made with traditional tools that load the surface with controlled strokes and the blocks are broken into splinters. The chisel or the wedge, recall the mason’s craft.

This process can be used on solid stones such as marble and limestone, as well as granite.


The procedure can be used with any color and texture of natural stone. The possibilities are endless.


Various solutions create complete individuality for the place of use and design defined by functionality.

Environmental awareness

This is a completely natural processing process that does not change the stone base. Natural stone is a recyclable product.

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