Design of floor or wall coverings

We present the quality and beauty inherent in natural stone.


Coverings made of natural stone - whether external or internal, wall or floor - create splendor in the place of use.

What can also be cladding?

In everyday life, stone walls are easy to recognise but difficult to define. Actually, the question is, what are the designs? Because if you’re looking for a lifetime solution that’s scratch-resistant, hard-wearing, heat-resistant, hygroscopic and, last but not least, that fits in with the ambience of your interior, then you’ve got a much more specific range of products.

Natural stone tiles

This type of ‘cladding’ is widely used in construction and landscaping as it is highly valued for its beauty, strength and durability. Stone paving is made from a variety of materials, including limestone or granite.

Travertine, for example, is a durable, low porosity stone that stays cool in direct sunlight, making it a popular choice for poolside, patios, walkways and outdoor entertainment areas as it is salt tolerant and has low reflection from its surface. Granite pavers have high built-in strength and density, making them easy to maintain. For outdoor use, they are hard-wearing. Limestone tiles are cut from natural limestone blocks and therefore have unique natural colour variations.

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Our excellent fleet of machines and our technicians can make a precise design based on any plan (pattern), and all you have to do is put it in place, connect the techniques depending on the design, and you’re ready to use.

Of course, we can also provide a personal survey, a quotation for the construction, and even help you with the installation, in addition to the delivery to your home.

Gift yourself with the power of natural stone and enjoy the quality behind the look. Whichever product you choose, you’ll be enriched with a stunningly unique look, alongside a host of positive features for a first-class experience every day.

Our distributed stones


Let’s see what the much-heard term “travertine” means, which you must have come across when looking at sandstone or stone slabs for your planned home renovation.


Marble radiates strength and elegance, it is a natural stone which, despite its resistance, is easy to shape, carve and use in a variety of ways.


Its high strength, its variety of colours, its durability and the fact that it is quarried in large blocks make it suitable for a wide range of architectural uses: as paving stones, kerbstones, plinths or facades, but also as crushed stone for roads and railways.