Hajnal Stone

We present the quality and beauty inherent in natural stone.

Which simply never goes out of style

Architectural styles have come and gone over the centuries, but natural stone coverings are still popularly used today. Outdoor and indoor coverings, cut and crushed stones, mosaics, moldings, uniquely designed shelves and surfaces, window sills make up our product range.

For competitive and personalized prices (be it travertine, granite or marble) , please feel free to contact us.

Hajnal Stone

The owners of Hajnal Stone have been active in the natural stone business since 1990. Our range of stones, which make up our product range, comes from different regions of Turkey. Mined and imported stones are carefully inspected as we strive to offer the highest quality and widest selection of stone products.

The magic word: natural stone

The use of natural stone enables the connection of the eternal and the modern, bringing freshness, sobriety and elegance in equal measure. The wonderful properties of some types of stone make them ideal for interior design and use in bathrooms, kitchens, worktops and showers. Another type of stone can give a lasting appearance in outdoor use with various textures, which can be further enhanced with many surface treatments, be it polished, polished or even antiqued. Its appearance in any area fits perfectly with the nature of the stone. These products were chosen by renowned architects and interior designers when “dressing up” luxury hotels and large villas.

Edge surface

Our distributed stones

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General product price list

Price list applies to stone products from 15.02.2023 (net prices, VAT not included), the indicated dimensions are given in cm. We also distribute elements of different sizes than those listed, ask for our offer for these .

Why choose us?


Serving and satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers and partners.


We want to become a strategic partner for our customers, supporting whose vision we can achieve joint growth.

Values ​​and ethics

Respect for our customers, partners and future customers, our relationships and the environment.

The raw materials are processed in factories equipped with high-quality, modern machines. Our logistics planning helps to save costs, giving the best price to establish a successful cooperation for both parties.

We welcome your questions and feedback, feel free to contact us at our contact details.