Design of a blasted edge surface

We showcase the quality and beauty of natural edge lines.


A process associated with the surface treatment of natural stone, used to create a natural cleavage of the edges of the slabs, resembling a reclaimed, fragmented, abraded edge.

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A surface treatment on natural stone, performed on projects that include a prominent decorative element. It is common in rural Mediterranean-inspired constructions.

The edging process can be applied to all of our slab products and the result is always an exceptionally elegant look, perfect for any environment that requires a rustic feel.


The procedure can be used with any color and texture of natural stone. The possibilities are endless.


Various solutions create complete individuality for the place of use and design defined by functionality.

Environmental awareness

This is a completely natural processing process that does not change the stone base. Natural stone is a recyclable product.

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A process associated with the surface treatment of natural stone, giving slabs a rough, glassy


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A traditional splitting, ripping process whereby the varied edge and block size create an artistic